National Frameworks designed for the fire service

Welcome to The Consortium Fire and Rescue

We've made some important changes to our website. Our improved layout and navigation will make it easier for you to find the information you need.

As part of the changes, you can now get a quick view of all current frameworks through our new easy to navigate tabs.

Use the Purchasers’ Area to request further details from the Fire & Rescue team who will aim to respond to any request within one working day. Alternatively call us on 0845 330 7765.

Please do take the time to explore the new site and, as always, your feedback is welcome.

The Consortium offers a flexible support service to its framework users. You may be happy to run your own mini competition process from start to finish, or you may like us to work through the process with you or even to facilitate the entire process for you. Whatever level of support you require, we are happy to provide it. To us, the most important outcome is that you secure the best possible deal for your organisation as a result of using our frameworks.